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Have you or someone you care about been affected by a neurological condition such as a Stroke or Head Injury? Natasha Taper may be able to help; she is a Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist who specialises in neurological conditions and is based in North Devon. It is often difficult to cope back at home following such a traumatic event away from all the hospital support and protected environment. You may also want to continue with the intensity of a therapy programme you followed during an inpatient rehabilitation stay which Natasha can support you with. Therapy will be very practical, facing the everyday challenges brought on by the neurological condition. The aim would be to work with you to identify what is important in your life and start the journey to achieve your goals. 

For any help or questions please call me on 0755 527 6583
Alternatively please email me ntaper@neuro-ot.co.uk

I am based in North Devon, please get in touch to discuss options based on your location. I am happy to travel reasonable distances.


Natasha Taper

Neuro Occupational Therapist

BOcc Ther, MResCP


If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact me.

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