Services Provided

  • Comprehensive initial assessment (2 hours)
  • Generate client centred goals with client and/or family or carer/s
  • Produce a treatment plan detailing recommended treatment strategies
  • Treatment focused on areas of difficulty such as:
  • Physical rehabilitation for functional activities
  • Sensory re-education for the arm and hand
  • Motor recovery of the arm and hand (FES, Saebo, constraint induced therapy, mirror box, normal movement, functional rehabilitation)
  • Splinting for the arm and hand
  • Cognitive rehabilitation
  • Functional rehabilitation: selfcare, mobility, cooking and other household related activities, budgeting/financial management
  • Posture and seating assessments (wheelchair prescription)
  • Wheelchair mobility/independence
  • Advice and recommendations on assistive technology and environmental controls
  • Advice and recommendations on return to driving
  • Community re-integration: accessing local community, use of public transport, shopping
  • Recreational rehabilitation: support with engagement in leisure activities
  • Vocational rehabilitation: work simulation activities, support with returning to previous job role with or without adaptation or investigating options for different job roles, support with liaising with employers
  • Assessment and recommendations for equipment provision and minor adaptations
  • Family and carer education and training
  • Overseas assessment/treatment if travel and accommodation covered (hourly rate applies)
  • Expert Witness reports through Harrison Associates (02088103995/02089982992)

    For any help or questions please call me on 0755 527 6583
    Alternatively please email me

Natasha Taper

Neuro Occupational Therapist

BOcc Ther, MResCP


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