What is Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy aims to provide opportunities for those clients with physical, cognitive or mental disabilities to achieve a life as independent as possible to their own preference. Neurological Occupational Therapists work with clients with neurological impairments and specialise in the use of evidence based treatment techniques unique to this complex client group.

Occupational Therapists work closely with other health professionals, i.e. physiotherapists, speech and language therapist, psychologists, nurses and doctors to assist and support clients in achieving their goals. The unique feature of Occupational Therapy is the focus on functional engagement and independence.

Following a significant life changing event such as a neurological injury or disease it is often difficult to manage the new found difficulty associated with activities of daily living previously seen as such an automatic aspect of life. Occupational Therapists are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable, assist and support clients with such difficulties to re-engage in their most valued activities. Activities can include self-care activities (bathing, dressing, etc.), domestic activities (cooking, cleaning, etc.), community access (use of public transport, shopping, etc.), productivity (budgeting, work related activities, etc.) and recreation (gardening, sewing, etc.)

If you have any questions or need help with Neuro Occupational Therapy please call 0755 527 6583
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Please see www.cot.co.uk/ot-helps-you 
for the College of Occupational Therapy’s definition of Occupational Therapy.


Natasha Taper

Neuro Occupational Therapist

BOcc Ther, MResCP

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